Arbour Services


Arbour Services is a provider of outsourced services for recruitment firms including client database management, payroll and processing, timesheet management, marketing support and website management, visa and immigration services. We provide recruiters with time and cost saving specialist support, allowing them to scale their operations according to the market and their business goals, develop and grow their business with lower risk quickly and efficiently and have access to the best systems and processes in the market.

Our People Make the Difference

We are a team of dedicated, passionate and highly experienced recruitment specialists. Each and every one of our team members have worked in the recruitment industry and in their discipline for a number of years and across various business sectors. We formed Arbour Services to pass on our knowledge and understanding of the industry to recruiters who are just starting out or who are looking to take their business to the next level.

Why Arbour Services?

Put simply, we have a wealth of experience in the recruitment industry across the comprehensive list of services we provide. Our processes not only allows us to undertake your business support functions, it allows you the time to focus on what you do best – leading your business. 


We are based in Hong Kong and Mumbai. Our team have worked in the recruitment industry in Asia and are led by a management team with first hand experience of leading recruitment businesses in the region.


As recruitment firms grow and evolve, entrepreneurs face challenges. These challenges are often down to ever changing market conditions, but also come from within the organisation. We can help by streamlining and managing these functions, allowing you to safe in the knowledge that your operations are in safe hands.